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In today's highly competitive and changing shipping industry, losses can materialize in the way of lost time, damage, contamination, unfamiliarity with local conditions, etc., and can be a major cost factor

Since 2016, ARGO Marine Inc. is one of independent Marine Surveying, Cargo Inspection and Marine Consulting Agency in US Southeast coast.

ARGO Marine Inc. provides a proven approach with extensive, prompt, factual and competitively priced marine surveys, cargo inspections, consultations, testing and auditing services

About us

The marine survey and consultancy division of the business is composed of maritime professionals knowledgeable of the regulatory practices, marine insurance provisions and marine operation protocols that govern the maritime industry. Thus, ARGO Marine is able to offer timely competent support to those who find themselves in need of site representation or industry consultation regarding practical problems that arise on a daily basis. These include (among others):

  • Pre-export load, stow and count validation surveys
  • In-transit or post-delivery cargo loss assessment / surveys
  • Cargo damage investigations
  • Commercial vessel on / off-hire condition
  • Commercial vessel on / off-hire bunker surveys
  • Hull and Machinery surveys and vessel damage assessments
  • P&I Loss investigations and related surveys
  • Flag-State Safety Inspections and Special Surveys
  • Expert Witness, Case Reviews and related consulting services

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For over a century draught surveys have been accepted as an accurate and convenient means of establishing the weight of bulk cargoes. They have been the basis for the preparation of bills of lading and assessing various charges and port fees. The basic principle upon which the draught survey methodology is based is over 2,200 years old tracing back to Archimedes' Law of Buoyancy. A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of any materials being loaded into (or discharged from) a vessel. ARGO Marine experienced and highly qualified professionals can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and produce an independent draft survey report.

Our draft surveyors feed the raw data from their readings into ARGO Marine unique draft survey software. This program calculates the weight loaded (or discharged) using the internationally standardized draft survey protocol. We then compile the resulting findings into a draft survey report containing all of the details obtained during the survey. You can use this report as the basis for quantity certification of the cargo.

It perhaps best categorized in terms of the purpose for which the samples are to be used. Four broad categories can be identified as the most common in terms of importance to the ship.

Sampling for the purpose of:

  • safety of the ship
  • identifying problems with the ship and/or cargo before and/or during loading and discharge
  • evidencing the condition of the cargo at the time of loading and discharge
  • evidencing bad or suspect outturn

There are a number of risks associated with the shipment of metals and minerals, including loss of material through poor handling and quality variations from contamination or transport damage. These can result in significant financial loss for the commercial parties involved. This is why load and discharge supervision and inspection is so critical. Whether you are shipping a consignment of project cargo or a bulk load of iron ore, Argo Marine Inc. can help safeguard your interests by providing independent inspection and testing services.

Working from the world’s major ports, mining and refining locations, we aim to minimize commercial risk by quickly and accurately determining the physical properties of materials.

Procedures must be in place to verify the physical integrity of the container structure prior to stuffing, to include the reliability of the locking mechanisms of the doors. A 7-point Container Inspection Process is recommended for all containers.

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The purpose of these On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys is principally to determine the extent of damage, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occurred to the ship between two dates, usually those of the commencement and termination of charter. Whilst the determination of damage is the principle purpose of the two requisite reports, one being at the “on hire” survey and the other at the “off hire” survey, there are often three other requirements. These are generally:

  • The checking of documents and certificates
  • The establishment of quantities of fuel and stores on board
  • Sometimes the establishment of the cleanliness of the cargo spaces

Visual inspection conducted at the time of delivery or re-delivery of a vessel to/from a time charter.

On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys is very important for a client when hiring a vessel to limit their liability, by ensuring they have the correct information on the condition of the vessel and work required in respect of the Charter Party. It is in the interest of a Client to get an independent survey carried out on their behalf, which will then be used as evidence for their liabilities for the Charter period. At re-delivery, the surveyor is to ascertain whether during the time charter the vessel the vessel sustain any damage.

On Hire Survey and Off Hire Survey choices:

  • On/Off Hire Condition Survey
  • On/Off Hire ROB Bunker Survey
  • On/Off Hire Condition and ROB Bunker Survey

Insurance underwriters periodically require that an inspection done to verify that the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk. In this inspection, the insurance company is concerned with the overall structural condition of the vessel, its fair market value and, most importantly, the presence of any hazardous conditions that would affect its safety at sea.

Insurance surveys conducted when the vessels are afloat or ashore. If the vessel is afloat, the insurance company may require that it be hauled so that the condition of the underwater body, keel, rudder, and propulsion equipment can be evaluated.

The insurance survey is not as detailed as the pre-purchase survey and is not intended to be as comprehensive. Only critical systems are tested and cosmetic conditions are only noted when they markedly affect the vessel's value. Safety and structural issues are the primary concerns. The insurance survey should never be accepted in lieu of a full pre-purchase survey when purchasing a vessel.

Our surveyors, who are qualified Master Mariners with 10+ years of experience on board of different types of cargo ships. With the level of training and skills required to perform as Port Captains, we can serve your needs.

We have carried out several Port Captaincy assignments on on dry cargo bulk carriers and break bulk vessels for different companies.

We carefully assess and report the condition of the vessel, equipment, and cargo to ensure compliance with the standards and requirements of each individual client.

While we provide our Port Captaincy service to ship owners, charterers, and managing companies, our commitment to ensure accurate assessments and precise measurements of cargo and incident reporting can substantially reduce the risk for these claims and losses.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

A pre-purchase survey is a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural and watertight integrity, system’s installations, and operating condition, as well as performance. A comprehensive report issued, which includes an equipment list, specifications and detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations. Replacement and market values [in US dollars] are assigned to the vessel. Most lending institutions and insurance companies require a pre-purchase survey. Also known as a "Buyer's Survey", it is a detailed examination/inspection of a vessel to determine its condition and value. The survey is done for a prospective buyer prior to the actual purchase.

The Appraisal

This inspection determines the fair market value of a vessel and is used for a variety of purposes such as collateral, estate assessment, litigation, etc. The focus is upon the condition and value of the boat's structure and its accessories/equipment.

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In order to determine whether the ship holds / tanks are in a suitable condition to receive the intended cargoes an independent inspection of the vessel’s cargo holds or ship tanks will be conducted by one of ARGO Marine experienced and well-trained inspectors.

ARGO Marine cleanliness supervision services comprise of an accurate report of the condition of a vessel’s holds, tanks and if applicable its coating status. ARGO Marine will also determine on previous cargoes, suitability of cleaning methods, presence of residues, foreign odours and any infestation.

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Please contact us for further details.



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